線上會議/課程的禮儀小秘訣 Online Meeting Etiquette Tips

隨著線上會議與課程在全球越來越頻繁, American English 分享了線上會議禮儀小秘訣,

我們將美國在台協會(AIT) 臉書貼文中10項線上會議禮儀小秘訣整理在一起, 希望這些能幫助大家在國際線上會議或課堂上, 有良好互動關係與印象。

讓我們趕快來看看, 這10項小秘訣有哪些吧 :)

Tip #1: Mute yourself when you aren't speaking. This way, there isn't danger of noise from your environment interrupting others. Have you ever been distracted by noise from an unmuted participant in a meeting? Let us know in the comments 秘訣1:不發言的時候請靜音,以防你的環境音干擾到他人。你曾經在參加會議時,因為有人沒有靜音,而被背景噪音干擾到嗎?

Tip #2 is to log in early to all virtual meetings. Many of us won't have time to be early to every meeting, but even logging in 2-3 minutes early to a meeting will allow you time to fix unexpected technical or other issues and not keep colleagues waiting. It's also a good idea to have something prepared to work on or do if you end up waiting for others. 秘訣2是無論如何請提早登入會議。雖然不太可能每次都提早登入,但即使提早二到三分鐘都能給自己多一些餘裕,解決意外的技術或其他問題,而不會讓同事 乾等。同時你自己也可以準備一些工作放在手邊,在等他人登入的時候處理一下。

Tip #3: Don't type in ALL CAPS. Typing in all caps is like yelling at the top of your voice. This can be irritating to others and make it seem like you're upset about something. 秘訣3:打字時切勿全部大寫。大寫字就像是扯開喉嚨對對方吼一樣,使人不悅,以為你在生氣。

Tip #4: Use as few exclamation points as possible! As with ALL CAPS, exclamation points may indicate yelling, and one exclamation point (!) has the same meaning as five in a row (!!!!!) So, if you're really excited and need to use an exclamation point, one is enough to do the job. 紹秘訣4:驚嘆號少用為妙!上週提到打字全部用大寫的問題,驚嘆號也一樣給人吼叫的感覺,而且用一個驚嘆號(!)跟連續用五個驚嘆號(!!!!!)的意義是一樣的。所以,如果你真的很興奮,想用驚嘆號表達感覺,用一個就能達到效果了。

Tip #5: Keep it brief. Being brief and to the point will be appreciated by colleagues who may be tired from spending a lot of time working in front of a computer. Being brief also helps communication in case of poor internet connections that require repetition or follow-up emails. 秘訣5:簡明扼要的發言。同事們花很多時間在電腦前工作,可能已經覺得累,如果你的發言簡明扼要,他們會感恩在心。 這樣的發言也有助於溝通,尤其是在網路連線不良的情況下, 你可能會需要重複剛才所說的話,或者事後發email。

Tip #6: Think before you type. Just like speaking, typing something that is unkind, unhelpful, untrue, or unnecessary can be hurtful and waste people's time. The great thing about typing is that we can read it and decide to edit or delete before we send. 秘訣6:傳送文字訊息前請三思而後行。 這就和想清楚再發言一樣,內容若是不友善、沒益處、不正確或非必要,都可能會傷害到對方,也浪費大家的時間。傳送文字訊息有一個好處,那就是在發送之前還有機會閱讀一下,及 時修改或刪除不妥的文字。

Tip #7: Be forgiving of others. Communicating through technology has many challenges and can lead to many miscommunications. Forgive others if they aren't the best communicators over online platforms. 秘訣7:對他人多一點寬容。透過線上溝通有許多挑戰,也可能不時遇到溝通不良的狀況。如果有人不是很善於使用線上平台溝通,請多擔待。

Tip #8: Look at the camera. Looking all around or down at your phone while in an online meeting can signal to others that they and the meeting aren't important to you. Try giving your full attention to the online meeting by listening well and looking into the camera. 秘訣8:會議進行中請看鏡頭。此時四處張望或低頭滑手機,可能讓別人覺得你不在意他們或這場會議。請在會議進行時專注聽他人的發言,而且要看著鏡頭。

Tip # 9 Introduce yourself before you talk Even if everyone on the video call knows who you are, simply saying your name before you talk can help everyone quickly know who is speaking and avoid the question, "who said that?" In a meeting with well-known colleagues, for example, simply say, "This is John. I think..." 秘訣9:請報上自己的名字!就算大家都知道你是誰,在發言前請先簡單報上名字,讓大家馬上知道是誰在發言,以免得提出「剛才那是誰在講話?」這種問題。若會議中大家已經彼此 認識,你可以簡單的說:「我是約翰,我覺得……」

Tip #10 Dress professionally. Even if working from home, dressing professionally can help motivate you to work and lets colleagues and clients know you care about your work. 秘訣10:請維持專業的衣著。就算是在家工作,專業的穿著打扮也有助於保持在工作的狀態,並讓同事和客戶知道你在乎自己的工作。

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